Bicycle Accidents with an Uninsured Driver

When riding a bike in Los Angeles, you are taking the risk of possibly having an accident among the daily heavy traffic. If you do have an accident, often times those damages are covered with the insurance company of the driver who is at fault. Unfortunately, not every driver has the correct insurance and this […]

Product Liability

Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles When dealing with a product liability case it is important that you find a personal injury attorney that specializes in all categories of product liability as well as offers a free consultations. In Los Angeles, our experienced lawyers are ready to take your case. A product liability attorney in […]

Uber Gets Slapped With Another Class Action

A class action lawsuit alleging that Uber has been shorting it’s dirvers of their fare money has just recently received class certification. This lawsuit, brought by Michael Dulberg in February 2017, is a milestone in that the class certification allows for hundreds, if not thousands, of drivers to be included in this case. The suit, […]

Why an Attorney May be Essential After a Dog Bite

Being bitten by a dog is a traumatic experience that can drastically change your life negatively. While no two dog bites are the same in terms of severity, a dog bite can impact you physically, mentally, and emotionally. The side effects from a dog bite can be long term in nature and lead to significant […]

What To Do Immediately After a Spinal Cord Injury

Even though other causes can be associated with spinal cord injuries, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of spine injuries. It is disheartening to know that depending on the severity of the injury, spinal cord injuries might gulp between $500,000 to $3 million in a lifetime to intensive medical care. Immediately after a spinal […]

Ride Sharing Vs Cab: What’s the Level of Safety?

The popularity of ride-sharing apps is ever growing even outside the United States where it first debuted. There are however concerns of safety relating to the ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft. Yellow cab drivers have often pointed fingers to the ride-sharing apps for having less safety than the taxis. The aftermath was the […]

Elder Abuse Through Identity Theft

According to the Justice Department, 11 million Americans are victims of identity theft annually. The harsh reality of identity theft affects every social class and age grade in the United States. This translates to $20 Million lost annually to identity thieves with an average of $4000 to an individual. Elders are more vulnerable to identity […]

Basic Tips to Avoiding Injuries on Halloween

Basic Tips to Avoiding Injuries on Halloween For people of different age grade, Halloween can be full of fun. That doesn’t rule out the series of an accident that could result in life-threatening injuries. According to an injury Facts Report, young children are twice likely to be killed by a moving vehicle on a Halloween […]

Avoiding Mistakes After a Hit and Run Accident: Basic Tips

Never make a false statement to the police or your insurance company after leaving the scene of the accident. In case you have made mistake number one above, you’ll need to come out clean to your car accident lawyer as it can still be corrected. Don’t call the police unless you have to consulted your […]

Where Do Car Accidents Happen Most?

There’s of course never a guarantee that you will never get into a car accident. If you don’t make a mistake somebody else will. If there was anyway to make that guarantee why would you want to pay for insurance? There are however a few times and places of note that are well known for […]