January 24 19

10 Ways to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident attorney handles accidental slips and fall claims. Slips and falls occurring at work may include traumatic brain injuries, bruises on various parts of the body, back injuries, broken legs or arms, cuts and sprains. A slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles can help an employee who has experienced an injury.

If you own, manage or supervise a business, you can help workers lessen their risks of incurring serious injuries. The following 10 ways can protect your employees:

  1. Sweep and mop the floors.
    Ensure that all debris is removed from areas where employees walk. Keep paths free from oily and wet surfaces.
  2. Provide excellent lighting.
    People do not always see steps, boxes or equipment located in dark areas of the building. Make sure there are no walkways where employees or clients can accidentally slip. Install spotlights to prevent potential accidents.
  3. Place large signs in strategic areas warning people about any danger.
    A wet floor needs a sign. An unexpected step requires a sign. You can also use brightly colored reflective tape. Contact a lawyer for slip and fall accident if someone is injured.
  4. Install handrails on stairways.
    Do not place rugs at the top or bottom of a stairway. Keep the stairs free from clutter.
  5. Invest in a few step stools and stepladders.
    Instruct employees to refrain from standing on the tops of their desks or on chairs. Placing step stools or ladders in potentially dangerous areas can help protect workers from slip and fall accidents.
  6. Insist that employees wear shoes with good traction.
    Shoes with thin soles can cause a slip and fall accident. Inform employees that wearing proper shoes is a rule.
  7. Hide cables and computer cords from walkways.
    Workers can easily trip on a phone cord or power cord and experience serious injuries. Keep all cords hidden from view.
  8. Instruct employees to clean spills right away.
    You do not want to have any slippery floors in the workplace. In addition, an employee should put up a warning sign as soon as a spill takes place.
  9. Fix cracks in the floors or sidewalks.
    Warn people to avoid walking in these areas.
  10. Place nonslip rugs on bare floors.
    It is important to use rugs featuring anti-slip materials.

Contact a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer if you have been injured at work because of negligence.