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Factors That Lead to Fractures and Broken Bones After an Accident

Some events are inevitable during a crash, such as breaking an arm or nose. Your doctor knows all about medical injuries, and it’s only fair that you learn too, as well as, know when it’s time to collect the damages in court. Here are several factors that cause different types of fractures and broken bones to occur during an accident.

Types of Fractures and Broken Bones

The two main types of fractures are simple or compound. A simple fracture has damage to the bone only, while a compound fracture produces damage that breaks the skin. If this problem is not fixed right away, an infection could set in and cause inflammation. When blood stops circulating in the affected area, there’s a risk of losing the limb.

Fractures occur to bones in all major regions of the body. In the lower body, bones are located in the legs, thighs, pelvis, feet and toes. In the upper body, bones are located in the chest, arms, wrists, fingers and face. When a seat belt or airbag is used, an injury could still occur, especially if the average speed is 30 mph or higher.


Excessive speed is the most common reason why major injuries occur. In many cases, drivers are going too fast and realize their mistake, but unfortunately, cannot stop in time. Even at speeds of 30 mph, a collision could rupture the side or front of a vehicle and cause severe bodily harm.

Type of Vehicle

The type of vehicle affects the extent of the damage. In some motorcycle-related collisions, the motorcycle gets totaled and the motorcyclist is thrown off the seat, resulting in a concussion with a few broken arms or legs. However, in the same accident, a regular car has minor damages and the driver only gets away with whiplash.

Truck accidents create the similar scenarios. A regular car gets totaled beyond recognition and the driver is sent to the hospital, barely conscious. Yet, the truck driver has no serious injury and only has a large dent in the side of the vehicle.

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