September 27 18

Hit-and-Run Bike Accidents

Given the climate in and around Los Angeles, bicycling is a popular form of both recreation and transportation. A bicycle isn’t any match for a 3,500 pound car though, and serious injuries can result from a collision. According to the California Highway Patrol, about 50 percent of all accidents on Los Angeles roads are categorized as hit-and-runs. Only about 20 percent of all hit-and-run drivers are located. What should a bicyclist to do after being injured in a hit-and-run crash that was caused by a negligent motorist?

Call 911
When you tell the 911 operator that you’ve been on a bike and involved in a hit-and-run accident, give them your location and ask for both police and paramedics to come to the scene. Paramedics will treat you there and take you to the nearest emergency room. Diagnostics will be performed there and you’ll be treated accordingly.

Call Your Auto Insurer
Assuming that you have auto insurance, contact your auto insurer immediately. Let it know that you’ve been injured in a hit-and-run as a bicyclist. After that, contact a bicycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles from our offices. He or she will arrange for a free consultation and case review.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance
Most people don’t realize it, but if they have uninsured motorist insurance, they’re probably covered in a hit-and-run bicycle accident. Don’t expect your insurer to be cooperative though. It wants to hold onto all of the premium money that you’ve been paying it over the years. Under such circumstances, it becomes your opponent. You’ll be needing the help of an experienced and effective personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles from our offices.

After you’ve contacted the police and have been treated at the emergency room, remember about that free consultation and case review. Contact a Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney from Mann & Elias right away.