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Burn injuries are some of the most painful experiences imaginable. Most of us cannot fathom the kind of suffering burn victims face through recovery and beyond. Because the nerve endings are damaged, the brain desperately tries to signal to the body that it is hurt, causing intense and unrelenting pain. On top of the physical effects of recovery, burn victims also have to deal with potential permanent disability and disfigurement as well as the emotional trauma that accompanies it.

The management of burns requires state of the art, around the clock care. Since burn victims are so susceptible to infections, they need to be cared for in specialized hospital units, often for long periods of time. Luckily, our county is home to UC Irvine Regional Burn Center, one of the few facilities in the nation to be certified by the American Burn Association.

Unfortunately, burn survivors incur astronomical medical bills as the result of their recovery – and their health insurance may not cover important plastic surgeries that can improve quality of life. If these procedures are deemed elective or cosmetic, they may not be paid for. Burn injury survivors may also need treatment for the rest of their lives, especially if they need immuno-suppressants for skin grafts or dialysis if their kidneys fail during recovery.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burns can result from a variety of sources, including auto accidents, explosions, chemicals, and improperly tended open flames. A person is most often burned as the result of negligence. For example, an inattentive driver can cause a serious head-on collision, causing a vehicle fire. The US Fire Administration estimates that over 1,500 motorists are injured or killed each year as the direct result of motor vehicle fires.

Alternatively, a workplace can fail to provide proper safety protocols that lead to severe chemical burns. Chemical burns are most commonly incurred at places like construction sites and industrial firms. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration sets strict guidelines to protect the workforce, and violating these rules carries stiff penalties.

Electrocution burns can also cause extreme pain and discomfort. You can sustain these types of injuries by simply being too close to downed power lines, overloaded circuits, or using a defective product. One of the biggest concerns with electrical burns is that the body may go into shock, stopping the heart. Our bodies run on their own unique set of electrical impulses, and disrupting the rhythm can cause serious damage that leads to hospitalization.

Burn survivors often face exorbitant medical bills, and their injuries generally make returning to work impossible for a significant period of time. Unfortunately, burn survivors are often the victims of discriminatory employment practices. At the Law Offices of Mann & Elias, we can deftly handle both liability and discrimination cases for burn victims.

Consulting an Irvine Burn Injury Attorney 

Emerging from a burn injury as a survivor, you may be faced with more than just medical bills. Since recovery is a long process, you may want to return to work, but find that your position has been filled by someone else. At the Law Offices of Mann & Elias, we specialize in all aspects of burn injury law, from discrimination to liability.

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You continue to put in hard work recovering, and we will help secure the compensation you deserve after surviving such a trying ordeal. If you would like us to review the facts of your case or if you have any questions, contact our office today for a free case evaluation and more information. Trust our compassionate team of attorneys to guide you through the legal ramifications of burn injuries.