Amputation Disfigurement Lawyer Los Angeles

When a person loses a limb due to amputation, it is a life-changing experience that can not only bring severe emotional and physical trauma, but also shatter many dreams for the future. While advances have been made in creating prosthetic devices that can allow individuals to function in a normal manner, it is still nothing like having one’s own limb. In addition, despite wearing a prosthetic, many victims suffer what are known as “phantom pains” and also have severe disfigurement from their injury. Due to the catastrophic nature of such injuries, victims should seek substantial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. To do so, they often consult with a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer from Mann Elias.

Causes of Amputation Disfigurement – Amputation Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

Sadly, most of the causes of amputation disfigurement are due in part to the negligence and carelessness of others. Common examples of such negligence include drunk drivers who cause serious accidents resulting in amputation, individuals who allow vicious dogs to bite and maim unsuspecting persons, employers who place workers in unnecessarily dangerous situations on the job, and manufacturers who create defective products that harm consumers. In extreme situations, medical malpractice may be to blame, such as when a doctor fails to make a proper diagnosis or a surgeon mistakenly amputated a limb during an operation. Whatever the situation, it is imperative victims and their families seek compensation that will not only help provide for medical care and lost income, but also hold those who were negligent responsible for their actions. To make this happen, it is best to work with a Los Angeles amputation injury lawyer from Mann Elias.

Defining Disfigurement
When pursuing a personal injury lawsuit regarding amputation disfigurement, one of the first things that must be done is to ensure the injury meets the legal definition of disfigurement. In its simplest form, disfigurement occurs when a victim’s skin, bone structure, or body tissue are damaged to the extent that it changes their appearance. In many situations, third-degree burns are the cause of disfigurement and eventual amputation of limbs. Due to the intense physical pain associated with these injuries, numerous skin graft operations that victims must endure, and the scarring left behind, gaining compensation is critical to help victims and families with ongoing medical care and expenses. As a result, many victims turn to our Los Angeles amputation injury attorney for assistance.

Medical Treatment for Amputation Disfigurement
When a person suffers an accident that results in amputation disfigurement, it is vital they receive medical treatment as fast as possible. In some situations, surgeons may be able to reattach the limb. However, these operations often have limited success at best, and often ultimately result in the permanent amputation of the limb. Nevertheless, by having the injury treated as quickly as possible, doctors may be able to minimize disfigurement to some extent. However, in the weeks and months that follow, numerous operations and other medical procedures may be performed to treat infections, perform skin grafts, and other related aspects of the injury. Due to the ongoing medical costs that will be incurred, work with an amputation injury attorney in Los Angeles who can help gain the compensation needed for these expenses.

Overcoming the Financial Burden
When an amputation injury occurs that leads to disfigurement, the sudden financial burden placed on victims and family members can be overwhelming. Along with high medical bills and the reality of no longer having income from their job, victims must also often have their homes modified to allow them to continue living there. Faced with these prospects, victims rarely believe their situation will ever improve. To make sure improvement does come, a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer from Mann Elias can pressure defendants and insurance companies into providing compensation for these and other damages.

The Road Ahead
Once an amputee accepts the reality of their condition, the road ahead is long and filled with many bumps along the way. Along with getting fitted for a prosthetic, they will undergo months or even years of physical and occupational therapy to learn how to perform many tasks that were once simple. In addition, they may undergo counseling to help them learn how to cope emotionally with their new life situation. Since all this will carry with it substantial financial costs, turn to a Los Angeles amputation injury lawyer from Mann Elias for help.

Since it is likely a victim’s amputation occurred due to another person or company’s negligence and carelessness, work with an amputation injury attorney in Los Angeles to make sure those responsible for the injury are held accountable by the courts. To learn more about how a Los Angeles amputation injury attorney can help gain the compensation needed for these devastating injuries, schedule a consultation today with Mann Elias.