Los Angeles Taxi Accident Lawyer

Accidents from taxi or public transportation make news in part because there can be large numbers of persons who are injured or killed in those accidents. Taxi Cab injury attorneys at Mann & Elias have great depth of experience handling claims for clients who have been involved in these types of accidents. Persons who travel via bus, train, subway, airplanes, ferries or other public transportation provider are at risk of personal injury or even wrongful death if that carrier is in an accident.

What Causes Public Transportation Accidents?

Drivers and support personnel who work for public transportation providers must have special training and follow specific safety regulations for their industry and service. If they are inexperienced with a type of large vehicle, or if they do not understand all aspects of transportation safety, they may be prone to become an accident statistic and endanger passengers.

How Are Passengers Endangered?

There are special rules for public transportation that may not provide safety protections that people are used to having in their own personal vehicle. Here are some potential risks for those riding in public transport vehicles:

  • Lack of seat belt
  • Faulty or defective equipment
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Failure to comply with transportation safety regulations
  • Overcrowding and overloading
  • Speeding
  • Drug or alcohol abuse by drivers or maintenance personnel
  • Vehicle construction
  • Road and weather conditions

Are Fatalities an Issue with Public Transportation?

Absolutely. Los Angeles taxi accident attorneys at Mann & Elias can cite numerous cases where large numbers of passengers have been injured or killed on public transportation in Los Angeles and around the country. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that in the year 2009, there were 221 fatalities from bus accidents alone. While rates are low compared to individual vehicles when millions of passenger miles are compared, the impact is high due to the large number of injuries or deaths that occur from each multi-passenger vehicle accident.

How Can Mann & Elias Attorneys Help Me?

Mann & Elias accident attorneys have successfully represented passengers who have been injured in Los Angeles accidents involving taxis or public transportation. They want to win your case and get you fair compensation for your injuries.

  • They know what questions apply to the special cases of mass transportation injuries.
  • Your Mann & Elias accident from taxi or public transportation attorney will stand up for your rights and help you obtain compensation for any physical damage or mental distress caused by your public transportation accident.

Should I Talk with Transit Company Representatives or Insurance Adjusters?

No. First contact the firm of Mann & Elias for prompt and knowledgeable representation if you become part of an accident from taxi or public transportation. It is important that you preserve all your rights and comply with time restrictions that apply to your claims.

Call a Taxi Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Call a los angeles injury attorney at the Mann & Elias Law Firm immediately, no matter how insignificant the injuries may seem to be. Some physical injuries require immediate medical attention while others can evolve later into a serious problem. Your Mann & Elias lawyer will examine all potential problems during their legal representation for your case.

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