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Several Reasons That Truck Accidents Differ From Car Accidents

When someone is injured in a truck accident, they may think it will be similar to how it would be if they were involved in a car accident. However, this is not necessarily the case. Here is a look at several differences between a truck accident and a car accident.

The Regulations Are Different
Trucking companies must register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and The Department of Transportation. Due to the risks involved with their job, trucking companies are governed by many more regulations than regular cars. Some of the regulations include truck maintenance, log books, and special driver’s licenses. Due to cars not having the same regulations, truck accidents are more complex when it comes to deciding who’s at fault for the accident.

Increased Property Damage
Semi-trucks with a full trailer are extremely heavy. Semi-trucks can cause serious damage to anything in its path. That’s why commercial truck accidents often result in serious property damage.

Large Insurance Policies
Due to the size of a truck, they must carry substantially larger insurance policies compared to the insurance policy on a car. The insurance policy reflects the amount of damage that a large truck has the potential to inflict. Because the insurance policy is worth millions of dollars, insurance carriers will look for ways to avoid being held liable. Carriers will use insurance adjusters who can help reduce their liability in regards to the accident.

Carriers may also consider offering the victim a large sum of money to avoid having to pay more money through a court judgement. That’s why it is important that truck accident victims hire our truck accident lawyer Los Angeles. Our personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles will help victims get every penny that they deserve.

Greater Chance Of Injuries
When large trucks collide with smaller cars, the results are often fatal. Injuries from a truck accident are often more severe than injuries from a car accident.

Higher Chance Of Death
Research has shown that large trucks are responsible for thousands of deaths each year. That’s why it is important that you speak with a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

Expensive Medical Bills
The medical bills associated with a truck accident are higher than those from a car accident. Victims often have longer stays at the hospital along with expensive testing and procedures.

A Specific Attorney
In order to ensure that victims receive the compensation that they deserve, they should hire a truck accident lawyer Los Angeles who can give them guidance on how to proceed. We have years of experience dealing with insurance companies and trials.
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