March 27 19

Studies Show that a Cancer Drug May be Useful for Treating TBI’s

A team of researchers at the University of Washington and University of Utah have found that a cancer drug can be used to treat traumatic brain injuries. If a person suffers multiple brain injuries, then the neurons in the brain can be damaged. This can lead to anxiety, memory loss, agitation and mood swings.

The researchers found that Paclixatel, which is a drug that is used to treat cancer, helped mice who experienced mild traumatic brain injuries. Donna Cross is an associate professor of radiology and imaging sciences. She is also the lead author of the study. She believes that the results of the study can change the way that traumatic brain injuries are treated.

David Cook works at the University of Washington School of Medicine. He stated that Paclixatel works by targeting specific neural processes in the brain. Paclixatel treats cancer by targeting microtubules. It also keeps the cells from dividing.

The researchers found that the drug reduced the effects of traumatic brain injuries. They also did imaging tests and found that the brain abnormalities were lessened after the mice took Paclixatel. Cook said that there have not been many drugs that have been able to successfully treat traumatic brain injuries.

Because the drug has not been tested on people yet, no one knows how it will work on them. Researchers also do not know if the treatment will produce long-term results. Several more trials will need to be done before it is tested on humans.

Donna said that a traumatic brain injury can affect every cell in the brain. He believes that Paclixatel can stabilize the brain cells after a traumatic brain injury.

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