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How T-Bone Accidents are More Dangerous

All auto accidents are dangerous in their own way, but few accidents produce the number of severe injuries and fatalities that are a common result of T-bone collisions. Technically termed a “broadside” accident, T-bone is the reference to the shape of the vehicles after crashing. All vehicles typically offer little to no bodily protection when a vehicle is impacted from the side. Studies show the most serious injuries are standard results of T-bone crashes. Serious injury claims can often be very complicated when a severely injured victim wants a whole compensation. Insurance companies are focused on reducing a settlement payout as much as possible, and the condition of the injured claimant is a secondary concern. That is why it is always important to have the best car accident attorney you can find representing the case.

T-Bone Statistics
While most auto accidents will involve front-end collisions, broadside impacts are still more common than many drivers realize. The National Highway Transportation Safety Board has reported that approximately 10% of accidents are side-impact, but they result in a higher percentage of serious injuries. Approximately 20% of all T-bone collisions will result in fatalities or life-long injuries that will require significant rehabilitation in the least, and leave the victim incapacitated for life at worst. Hip and back injuries are more common in broadside accidents because the side of the vehicle cannot protect the passenger like the front-end assembly and vehicle carriage.

Potential Damages
Typical pecuniary damages for medical bills, lost property, and lost wages are a basic component of a T-bone accident injury claim, just like any other collision case. These are items that can be calculated in dollar amounts with respect to compensation. These are also called “special damages” in some courts. However, T-bone accidents resulting in serious injury or fatalities are more challenging than a standard front-end collision because serious injuries are more valuable when determining the general damages for non-economic pain-and-suffering following the wreck. Regardless of the level of injury to the claimant, insurance companies regularly force the claimant to file a car accident lawsuit when serious injury or a fatality is involved because they can ask the jury to determine a comparative negligence rating for the claimant, which they can then use to discount a claim from an injured driver. This is why it is vital to have an experienced car accident lawyer who understands insurance company tactics when settling accident claims.

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