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How To Treat Burn Injuries

A doctor can assess the severity of your burn. The severity of your burn will determine the type of treatment that you need.

If you have a minor burn, then you do not have to go to the doctor because you can treat it at home. A minor burn will heal quickly. If you have a serious burn, then you will need to seek medical treatment. You may need medication, surgery or wound dressings. The purpose of treatment is to reduce the risk of scarring, prevent infection, control the pain and help one regain function.

Many people who have severe burns will need to be treated at a burn center. Some people need skin grafts. Additionally, people who are in emotional distress may need therapy.

Types of Medical Treatments

  • Water-based treatments
  • Fluids that help prevent dehydration
  • Anxiety medications
  • Pain medications
  • Drugs that can reduce the risk of an infection
  • Tetanus shot
  • Dressings

If the burn is on the face or neck, then a person may have trouble breathing. That is why some patients require a breathing tube. Some patients also require a breathing tube. Additionally, plastic surgery and skin grafts may be required.

Lifestyle and Home Remedies

  • Cool the burn
  • Avoid breaking the burn
  • Apply lotion to the area
  • Bandage the burn

Call a Burn Injury Attorney
Many burns occur as the result of negligence. That is why you should call a Los Angeles burn injury lawyer. Your burn injury lawyer Los Angeles can review your case and hold the other person responsible. A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can also help you get funds for the pain and suffering that you have endured.