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About 90% of Truck Accidents are Caused by Human Error

Trucks are the logistical lifeblood of the American economy. The bulk of the shipping done in the country is through trucks. They are large and menacing figures on the road. The drivers of these machines must go through extensive training and qualification courses. However, drivers of non-commercial vehicles must do their part to keep the roads safe. A little common sense goes a long way when driving near a truck. Keeping yourself in constant sight of the driver and signalling so that the truck driver knows what you intend to do are two of the many ways you can prevent a truck accident.

Preventable Accidents
90% of truck accidents are caused by human error. The error does not always come down to a bad move on the part of the truck driver. Indeed, truck drivers often find themselves as the injured party; they are often the victim of a reckless or aggressive move made by the driver of a passenger vehicle, a motorcyclist, or a pedestrian.

Recent studies of truck accidents suggest that nearly half a million of them could be prevented. This could be accomplished if people would take the time to make themselves aware of their surroundings and not take unnecessary risk when in the vicinity of a vehicle that is hard to make a stop on a dime.

Non-Preventable Accidents
Even without human error, truck accidents still happen. Many accidents are caused by equipment failure, blown tires, and inclement weather. Most truck drivers know not to travel in weather that makes roads especially hazardous. But no driver can foresee the failure of an engine that has been poorly designed or manufactured. Nor can they prevent the blow out of tires that were likewise defective. In such instances, it is up to the company the driver works for to carry out inspections to detect such failings.

When to Take Legal Action
Truck accident attorneys Los Angeles help accident victims take legal action. If you were the driver of a passenger vehicle that collided with a truck, you are unlikely to walk away from the accident unscathed. You will need medical treatment and will eventually need to deal with resulting expenses. You should seek compensation from the trucking company. To do so, you will need to hire a truck accident lawyer Los Angeles and employ the resources of a truck accident law firm Los Angeles. A truck accident lawyer Los Angeles can help you navigate your case.

Truck accident attorneys Los Angeles specialize in helping victims get the money they deserve. This includes truck drivers. If you are a truck driver who has been hurt in a crash that owes to the recklessness of another driver or a failed piece of machinery, our team of truck accident attorneys are there for you.

You don’t need to resign yourself to hopelessness after the accident. Working with a truck accident law firm Los Angeles will allow you to get the money you need. If you have been in an accident, you should call a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer from Mann & Elias.