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Childhood should be a happy time of play and adventure, however, childhood also is the time when children’s accidents/injuries can cause a tragic death. Child injury attorneys from Mann & Elias know from serving hundreds of Los Angeles clients that childhood injuries are the leading cause of death in the United States among young children. Babies are susceptible to being injured in falls, daycare accidents, dog bites, and violent acts by adults, such as shaking. Older school-age children can become injured during sports activities or during normal activities thorough falls, transportation accidents, drowning, fires, chemicals or poisons and other hazards.

What Accidents Harm Children?

Due to their small size and inability to extricate themselves from dangerous situations, many babies perish each year in home or daycare accidents. Falls out of windows, crib injuries, furniture accidents, and vehicle collisions are all part of a dismal picture that showed on average, during the period of 2000-2006, 12,175 children under age 19 died every year from accidents and tens of thousands were injured.

Males are possibly more adventurous or higher risk takers, and this is reflected in higher injury death rates for male children than females, about twice the female accident rate. The highest danger for children comes from injuries due to:

  • Bus transportation – the number one cause of child deaths
  • Motor vehicle transportation
  • Pedestrian and bicycle transportation
  • Sports activities – action sports, swimming
  • Heat related injuries – heat stroke, heat exhaustion, dehydration
  • Falls – over 50% of nonfatal injuries to children under age 1 were from falls
  • Animal bites, stings
  • Collision with an object
  • Location hazards – stairways, balconies, windows, blind cords, cribs, toys, furniture, chemicals, sharp implements.

What Types of Accident Injuries Are Common for Children?

Children are still growing; some of their bone construction is easily injured. Long bones have growth plates that can be injured in accidents. Sprains, strains, fractures and tendinitis in muscles or tendons are common childhood injuries. Kids are injured while having fun playing organized basketball, football, track and field, baseball, softball, soccer and gymnastics.

Local Los Angeles hospitals see many other childhood accidents/injuries come into their emergency rooms. Some babies suffer birth injuries or may become injured due to medical malpractice. They may suffer Cerebral Palsy or die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Molestation and sexual abuse, car or school bus accident injuries, wrongful death and dangerous products have proven to be hazardous to young children.

How Can Mann & Elias Attorneys Help?

Attorneys at the law firm of Mann & Elias have diligently represented families of children who have received injuries in Los Angeles accidents. Childhood accidents/injuries can leave a child permanently disabled or dead. Survivors may need a long and expensive course of medical treatment for recovery or rehabilitation. Insurance companies do not want to pay and may challenge evidence or claims. Without experienced legal representation by Mann & Elias childhood accident/injuries attorneys on your side, you may find bankruptcy is your only answer to large medical bills and ongoing financial stress.

Call a Los Angeles Child Injury Lawyer

Your Mann & Elias children’s injury attorney will work on your behalf to see that you receive all compensation that is fair for your child’s injury costs, income losses, pain and suffering. Call now for legal counsel you can trust and rely upon. Call the Los Angeles personal injury law firm of Mann & Elias today, at 323-857-9500; our attorneys will have your best interests in mind at all times.