Los Angeles Insurance Claims Attorney

When you have an accident, insurance takes on new importance. People depend upon their insurance coverage to help manage the unexpected expenses that occur when illness or an accident strikes. Los Angeles attorneys at the Mann & Elias Law Firm have worked closely with thousands of clients who discovered that their insurance or that of others involved in an accident turned out to be not so dependable. When difficulties are encountered in getting satisfactory results from an insurance company, the professional legal counselors at Mann & Elias are ready to give you the legal strength needed to compel those reluctant insurance companies to make payments. It is called “Insurance Bad Faith” when an insurance company refused to pay a valid claim. Mann & Elias are experts in insurance bad faith cases.

Why Are Insurance Adjusters Hesitant to Pay?

An insurance adjuster is a person hired by the insurance company to keep insurance payouts as low as possible. Fairness is not their ace in the hole; they are working for the best interests of the insurance company, not the injured claimant. They want to pay out as little as possible, and they will challenge any and all claims you attempt to make. If they can settle with you quickly and for as little cash as possible, that is to their advantage, not yours. This is another reason why you should call Mann & Elias Law Firm insurance claim attorneys right away if you are injured in an accident.

Why Call Mann & Elias Immediately?

Time is of the essence when money is involved; insurance claims often must be filed in a limited amount of time, with special documentation of the accident and/or injuries. If you do not act quickly, several things might happen:

  • Claims will be disputed
  • Payments will be delayed, reduced or not paid
  • Legal costs could increase due to additional work needed
  • Your financial burden increases

What is the Mann & Elias Solution?

Mann & Elias attorneys have successfully negotiated excellent awards and settlements from insurance companies for thousands of injured clients. They possess current knowledge of local California laws and court procedures. As professionals with vast experience winning insurance claim cases, Mann & Elias lawyers understand the importance of filing claims on time and in the proper manner. They work on your behalf to get the payments you deserve from reluctant insurance companies. Your financial burdens can be greatly eased with prompt legal action and support from your Mann & Elias personal injury insurance claims attorney.

Should I Talk with Insurance Company Adjusters?

No. You should speak first with your Mann & Elias attorney about the accident. You should not have to bear the consequences for someone else’s misbehavior that caused you pain, suffering, loss of income and medical expenses. As nice as they may appear to be, those insurance adjusters are not working for your; Mann & Elias legal counsel will work hard for you, to obtain insurance claim satisfaction.

Los Angeles Insurance Claims Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident and need to deal with insurance companies and adjusters, protect your interests by calling the Los Angeles injury law firm of Mann & Elias today, at 323-857-9500. They will be on your side all the way.