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The brain is the central control center for all bodily activity and thinking. It is, however, subject to internal injury if the head receives a blow such as may occur during an automobile rollover or accident. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) has been in the news lately because recent studies have revealed that this type of internal injury is a major cause of disability and/or death in human beings. Los Angeles brain injury attorneys at Mann & Elias Law Firm can help you through the diffucult time following a traumatic brain injury.

What is the Relationship between Accidents and Brain Injuries?

Normally, the brain is nested safely inside the cranial cavity, protected by the surrounding dura mater, two other membranes and the bony skull. In an accident, if the head is struck by an object or if it strikes a hard surface such as a vehicle roof or door frame, the impact can cause the brain tissue to collide with the inside of the skull and develop bleeding or a hematoma. Violent whiping of the head back and forth can also cause a brain injury. If an object pierces the skull or otherwise enters into soft brain tissue, there will be severe damage, including death. Accidents that frequently result in brain injuries include vehicle accidents, falls, sports, play accidents and acts of violence.

What Medical Care Might Be Required for Brain Injuries?

If there is a severe head injury, about one-half of patients will require surgery for removal of ruptured blood vessels or bruised tissue. Disabilities may result just from head surgery and can last a lifetime. Minor problems include depression, confusion or difficulty processing thoughts, communication difficulty, sensory processing difficulty and personality changes. Severe problems include unresponsiveness, unconsciousness, a vegetative state or sleeping, and the injury may lead to death. Expensive hospital and medical care, rehabilitation therapy, long-term care, special equipment, nursing home care and other expenses always follow brain injuries.

Should I Talk with Insurance Adjusters?

No. The first person you or a survivor should speak with about brain injuries from an accident is your Los Angeles traumatic brain injury attorney. When someone else is careless or their negligence causes an accident and injures you or a loved one, you should not have to suffer needless financial duress. The insurance adjusters are not interested in approving large payouts; Mann & Elias legal counsel will remain steadfast in their pursuit of justice to get you the large award or settlement you need to compensate you for expenses from the accident.

Call Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyers Now

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