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Train accidents occur more often than one might think. In fact, according to the Department of Transportation, nearly 5,800 train accidents occur each year. In collisions between trains and cars, it is not uncommon for the occupants of the car to be killed or severely injured.

Bringing legal action after a train accident is much more complicated than traditional car accident cases. The first issue is who to sue. Although it may seem obvious in a train accident to bring a lawsuit against the operator of the train, what many people and inexperienced attorneys miss is the fact that there are many other necessary defendants in a train case. For example, in a railroad crossing collision, it will be necessary to sue the train operator (i.e., Union Pacific), the owner of the track (i.e., BNSF), and all of the governmental entities that control the intersection (such as the City, County or State). This is not a complete list of potential defendants; this is just the beginning. Timing is also more complicated in train cases as claims against the governmental entities must be made in a shorter period of time than claims made against the other defendants.

The victims of a train collision, whether they are the occupants of the vehicle or the surviving family, should not have to worry about mounting medical bills, burial expenses, lost wages, future medical care, and all of the other financial strains such a catastrophic accident can cause. Unfortunately, train operators are still a very powerful force in American business. They are protected by local and federal laws, and as a result, train operators rarely settle cases without a fight. This is why it is crucial for the survivors of a train collision to seek competent counsel immediately. Your lawyer must launch an immediate investigation of the collision, hire expert witnesses to assist with the case, and work with your medical providers to give financial relief to the injured parties.

Los Angeles Train Crash Attorney

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Current Litigation:

Estate of Amari v. Union Pacific, Metrolink, et al, RIC512012

The Law Offices of Mann & Elias is currently representing the family of Ms. Amari, who was tragically killed by a Union Pacific train in Riverside, California on Halloween night. Throughout the litigation of this case, we are again reminded how hard the defense will fight in order to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Trial is currently scheduled to begin in 2012.