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Explosions are not unusual at construction worksites; many explosions are planned as part of the construction job. Other sudden or unexpected explosions are accidental and cause injury to nearby construction workers. Even when everyone follows stringent safety recommendations, accidents happen frequently. This makes working in the construction industry one of the most dangerous careers for employees and contractors.

What Accidents Cause Explosions?

Explosions and other hazards are commonplace in the construction industry. Many materials used in construction are flammable and can explode:

  • Tanks and drums that are pressurized may be punctured and explode
  • Fuel tanks can leak and catch fire leading to an explosion
  • Chemicals improperly stored or mixed can lead to an explosion
  • Switchers, transformers and other electrical parts can explode
  • Repair and maintenance activities can cause explosions
  • Accidental sparking from welding activities or breaks in electrical circuitry or wiring can create an explosive atmosphere
  • Explosives can malfunction and go off prematurely
  • Open flames, pilot lights and motor vehicle accidents can trigger explosions
  • Over-pressurization of tanks containing flammable liquids can cause explosions
  • Tires exploding can injure workers; flying rims can hurt
  • Digging activities, cutting and drilling can cause explosions if an underground pipeline or wiring is broken

What Results are Likely to Occur from an Explosion?

Workers who are injured by explosions are likely to receive serious burn injuries, broken bones, cuts, bruises, abrasions and traumatic eye and head injuries. They will need immediate medical attention and most will need time off work to recuperate. Some may be severely injured and require extensive medical treatment, be disabled or die from their wounds. Explosions may generate shrapnel injuries from torn and shredded metal or wood parts flying through the air at great force and speed. Concussions and hearing problems could also present medical issues later on in time.

What Expenses Do Explosions Cause?

Initial medical care would be required on the scene, or the worker would need to be seen at an emergency medical care facility. Many explosion victims are burned; hospitalization and medical expenses are much higher for burn treatment and insurance coverage may not be sufficient to cover all costs. Dental work is very costly and may be required if there are facial injuries. Anytime surgery is required, medical costs skyrocket. If the injured worker needs long term care in a hospital, at a care facility or at home, much of the cost may not be covered by their insurance and would become out-of-pocket expenses. Finally, if the worker dies, there would be burial and funeral costs, also not cheap. Beyond all those expenses, there could be some property damage if the worker had their own vehicle or other property damaged in the explosion.

Los Angeles Explosion Injury Attorneys

Mann & Elias explosion attorneys have successfully represented workers who have received injuries from explosions and other workplace hazards. Missing work or becoming disabled and unable to work can have a lifetime impact upon the worker and their family. Insurance companies are interested in keeping costs down, regardless of an individual’s personal situation. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Mann & Elias will stand by you and your family through the entire legal process, to help you get the fair compensation you deserve for injuries received while working.

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