Los Angeles School Bus Accident Lawyer

Every parent’s nightmare would be a call from police telling them that their child has been in a school bus accident. School bus accidents occur frequently, despite specific safety precautions taken by school districts. The news is filled with stories of incidents that involve school busses. Just imagine the range of possible tragedies that might occur in a crowded urban area like Los Angeles if a bus driver has a heart attack while driving? What if another driver crosses over the center line and hits a bus head-on?

What Are Potential Hazards for School Bus Operation?

School bus accident scenarios are, unfortunately, seen on television news reports all too often. School busses, like other forms of public transportation, can put large numbers of people at risk during an accident. About 24 million children ride school busses in the U.S. each day.

  • There could be 72 or more active children packed into a filled bus going to or from school, or on a field trip.
  • A tire blow out could send the bulky vehicle off the road due to a side-slide, and a rollover might then follow, causing injuries to multiple occupants and drivers.
  • Busses of all types are more difficult to maneuver than automobiles.
  • Large vehicles are more likely to be blown around by high winds and rain storms.
  • Bus construction flaws can cause injuries; few have seat belts.

Even with special driver training, bus drivers can become distracted by noisy students or lose control of the vehicle.

What If My Loved One Is Injured in a School Bus Accident?

Attorneys at Mann & Elias who have represented clients in school bus accident cases see a range of bodily injuries that result from such accidents. Personal injuries include:

Recovery from physical or mental injury can become exorbitantly expensive. Insurance policies may be insufficient to cover all treatment that is needed for serious injuries and surgeries. In the worst case, injured children could have life-long physical disability or even be killed due to school bus accidents.

What Can I Expect from Mann & Elias Attorneys?

The attorneys at Mann & Elias will treat your case individually with the highest priority. They will stand at your side during the entire legal process and guide you through this difficult time. They have achieved superior results for clients who have received injuries from school bus accidents. Your case is important to our legal staff and our lawyers. You can expect prompt and courteous service from all Mann & Elias legal representatives. Their goal is to get you fair compensation for your accidental life interruption. Fair settlements and awards can make financial burdens lighter. You deserve compensation for lost wages, medical and treatment costs, equipment purchases or rentals and all other expenses due to a school bus accident.

Los Angeles School Bus Accident Attorney

Parents expect their children to be safe when they ride in school busses. The precious lives of their children are priceless and this expectation is reasonable. If equipment is defective, drivers untrained, roads hazardous or another driver is careless and collides with your child’s school bus, contact the law firm of Mann & Elias. Our school bus accident attorneys are ready to ease your painful journey in the ways local laws allow. Call them today at 323-857-9500 for winning legal representation.