Los Angeles Amputation Injury Lawyer

Amputation injuries can occur in an instant and just as quickly change an entire life. Insurance companies do not want to agree to pay out huge sums of money to persons for extensive medical treatment and claims. The insurance adjusters work hard for their insurance company, trying to minimize costs. If they can get you to agree to accept a minimal amount, they win, to your detriment. With Mann & Elias Los Angeles amputation injury attorneys on your side, you are far more likely to win, and win maximum possible compensation for your amputation injuries.

What Causes Amputation Injuries?

When there is an accident, especially between two vehicles, there may be sharp metal parts that can slice through or severe soft tissue instantly. That’s all it takes to lose fingers or an arm or leg. Some crashes cause decapitation and instant death.

  • Motorcyclists are in danger of receiving amputation injuries if they lose control and hit a road side sign, a tree, or when they collide with another vehicle.
  • Protective seatbelts, clothing and roll bars are not enough protection in many motor vehicle accidents.
  • Some people received this type of life changing injury while at work or play, due to equipment failures or defects.
  • Workers that need to use power tools for their job often lose fingers, hands or arms in work-related accidents.

Over many years, the amputation injury lawyers at Mann & Elias have seen many possible cases of amputation injuries. They have the experience needed to argue for awards and settlements that help clients manage post-injury expenses, work loss, and wrongful death consequences.

How Can Mann & Elias Attorneys Help?

Attorneys at the law firm of Mann & Elias have successfully handled amputation injury cases for clients who have incurred such devastating injuries in Los Angeles accidents. They put all their combined years of experience and courtroom knowledge to work for you so you can begin to recover from your personal injuries. Their goal is to win your case and get you fair compensation for all expenses related to your accidental injuries.

Never underestimate consequences of a serious accident. The effects of an amputation injury will last a lifetime. Even with the best of care, your lifestyle will be permanently altered. You may live the rest of your life confined to a hospital bed or wheelchair. You will have endless medical expense and special equipment or nursing costs to bear. There is no reason that you should have to take on all the financial problems that are due to such an accident or deliberate injury.

Los Angeles Amputation Injury Attorneys

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