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Filing a Police Report After A Car Accidents

A car accident is a sudden and violent event. It can leave you injured and confused. After you collect yourself, you should file a formal police report. The latter is an official document and having one can help you if you need to file a lawsuit later.

After an auto accident, one of the first things you should do is call emergency services. When the police show up, they will ask you some basic facts about the accident. You need only recall events as you remember them. You should not take responsibility for the accident. Nor should you blame the other driver.

You should file a police report even if you were involved in a minor fender bender. What may seem like a minor accident can become something much more significant in the long term. A minor bump on the head may turn out to cause you serious medical problems. You want to create a record of the incident just in case you need to use this paperwork to make a claim.

Follow Up Investigations
In minor accidents, the facts are plain, and it is quite easy for the authorities to determine what happened. However, if the auto accident caused serious injuries or fatalities, the police may conduct a more thorough investigation. If you are injured in the collision, the police may question you at your bedside. In such instances, it is best to speak to an auto accident attorney Los Angeles before making a statement.

There is a great deal at stake in the aftermath of a serious car crash. You may have good reason to sue the other driver for recklessness or negligence. What you say to the police can be used for or against you. It is essential that you speak to a car accident lawyer Los Angeles before you make a statement to the police.

If, for example, you were the victim of a side impact collision what you say about the traffic signals and what happened at the intersection can help make or break your case. A t-bone accident lawyer Los Angeles can help you get your story straight. You don’t want to say something that accidently implicates you in causing the crash.

Your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can also ensure that the statement you make is true and accurate to the best of your recollection. A police report is an official document, and it is against the law to make a false statement to the authorities. The last thing you want is to face criminal charges for lying to the police inadvertently. If there is a follow-up investigation into the car crash, a personal injury lawyer will help you clarify what exactly you want to say.

You should always file a police report after a car accident. If you were seriously injured in a car crash, taken immediately to the hospital, and have yet to make a statement to the authorities, then you need a legal advocate. You should call a personal injury attorney as soon as you are up to it.