Los Angeles DUI Accident Lawyer

Drunk driving accidents are tragic because they are completely preventable. When a driver chooses to drink too much and then proceeds to attempt to drive a vehicle while their brain is impaired by alcohol, they are in violation of state laws and common sense judgment. The drunk driver accident attorneys at Mann & Elias who work with clients injured in DUI accidents have first-hand knowledge of the heartaches and pain the persons involved in drunk driving accidents endure.

Los Angeles streets and highways are, unfortunately, filled at any time of day or night with some negligent drivers who choose to drink and drive. Bad choices like trying to manipulate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or driving drunk can result in tragedy or wrongful death to innocent persons. The law provides some relief in the form of entitlement to fair compensation for personal injury or wrongful death, but nothing can replace a loved one needlessly killed or injured in a drunk driving accident.

What Can Mann & Elias Do For Me?

Our Los Angeles accident attorneys work closely with those who are victims of drunk drivers. They will examine evidence, conduct interviews, call in expert witnesses as needed, and do a thorough review of your case to uncover all possibilities to achieve a winning result. There could be multiple reasons for any accident, such as equipment failure in addition to any obvious alcohol or substance abuse by the other driver.

What Claims Can Be Included?

Accidental injuries or a death may cause long term expenses for medical treatment, rehabilitation and long-term care. A wrongful death will require additional funeral and burial expenses. Even a slight accident can involve extensive costs for lost work time and vehicle repairs. Pain and suffering, mental distress, loss of companionship or guidance for a spouse and/or minor children are other potential claims in an accident.

How Serious Is a Drunk Driving Accident?

A drunk driving accident may cause extensive monetary costs, physical and mental harm. There will be determinations of accident liability and consequences. You will need legal representation if you have been injured by a drunken driver. Attorneys from Mann & Elias Law Firm will stand with you throughout your legal efforts. Injured parties can expect the best effort possible and courteous treatment from all Mann & Elias personnel working on their behalf.

Should I Talk with Others About My Case?

No. Only your Mann & Elias attorney should receive information from you about your accident, unless you are with your physician. Only your personal injury attorney will be interested in protecting your rights and ability to be compensated for drunk driving accident injuries and expenses.

Drunk Driver Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Call the Mann & Elias Law Firm right away, no matter how insignificant damage or consequences may seem at first. Time is of the essence in making accident reports and claims for damage compensation. If you have physical or mental injuries, there may be costs for long term problems and expenses that can also be included in your injury case award or settlement.

Even with minor drunk driving accidents, you need to find competent and experienced attorneys for legal protection. Call the Los Angeles DUI accident attorneys of Mann & Elias today, at 323-857-9500 for top quality professional guidance and legal representation.