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Gas Explosion Dangers

Gas explosions can result in serious injury or death. They can also cause damage to the property. In 1937, a gas explosion occurred at a school in New London. Gas explosions can cause camping trailers, grills, mobile homes and horse trailers. There is nothing that is safe from gas explosions.

Home Explosions
There have been a lot of safety improvements made since the explosion occurred in 1937. However, accidents still happen. Home heating equipment caused 61,400 fires, 540 deaths and 1,400 injuries in 2006. There are several ways that a person can be injured by a gas explosion.

They can be injured by smoke inhalation or the explosion itself. People can also be injured by inhaling the gas. In some cases, the gas company can be held responsible for the explosion if they were negligent in any way.

Many people use gas every day. They use gas to cook a meal, warm the house or heat the water. Gas explosions can be caused by the following.

  • Tanks
  • Cooking food unattended
  • Not turning off gas tanks
  • LPG tanks are kept close to flammable items
  • Workmen negligently reconnect supplies

Natural Gas Accidents
Natural gas accidents make headlines every year. In some cases, the accidents occur because someone does not excavate properly when they are working near a pipeline. There are over two million miles of pipelines in the United States. There were 282 serious pipeline accidents from 2005 to 2009. This resulted in 14 fatalities and 51 injuries. The following may be involved in a gas explosion.

  • Tanker truck accidents
  • Gas drilling accidents
  • Improperly installed gas hookups
  • Gas buildup in mines

Work and Construction Sites
Gas explosions often occur near construction sites. The reason that gas explosions often occur near construction sites is because they are often near combustible chemicals and materials. Construction workers are responsible for making sure that the worksites are safe. That is why it is important to hire an explosion injury lawyer Los Angeles if you have been hurt.

A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will investigate the details surrounding your case. A Los Angeles explosion lawyer can also help you get compensation. If you call Mann Elias, then you will have a Los Angeles explosion attorney you can trust.