PI Case Example Dog Bite

Successful Dog Bite Case Result

Mr. B was a 78 year old workman who was attacked by dogs while getting into is pick-up truck. Before Mr. B could close the door to his truck, he was attacked by three Boxers that were running wild through the neighborhood. The dogs dragged Mr. B out of the truck. As Mr. B struggled, he was able to grab a crow bar from the back of the pick-up truck and started to beat the dogs off of him. Although badly injured, he managed to subdue the Boxers. Unfortunately, at that point, a large Pit Bull joined the attack. Mr. B was unable to fend off this dog. When the police arrived, they had to shoot and kill the vicious Pit Bull.

Although the ownership of the dogs was common knowledge in the neighborhood, the owner denied they were his dogs. His insurance company accepted the defendant’s story and denied Mr. B’s claim, insisting the defendant never owned the dogs. Scott Mann of the Law Offices of Mann & Elias was hired to represent Mr. B. After obtaining many witnesses’ statements and statements from neighbors, Mr. Mann was able to convince the insurance company that the defendant was lying and the dogs did in fact belong to him.

The case settled for the insurance policy limits.