PI Case Example Slip/Fall Injury

Successful Slip and Fall Case Result

Ramirez v. MVUSD, RIC 444070

Mrs. Ramirez was riding a mobility scooter on the way to an appointment at Badger Springs Elementary School. On the sidewalk in front of the school, there was water and mud that had flown from a broken sprinkler head. Mrs. Ramirez stopped in front of the mud before slowly driving through it. The scooter slipped in the mud, which caused Mr. Ramirez to break her femur.

Mrs. Ramirez hired Scott Mann of the Law Offices of Mann & Elias to represent her. The claim against the school district was denied, so the case went to trial. Mr. Mann argued that the mud and water on the sidewalk was a dangerous condition on public property and that Mrs. Ramirez had no choice but to carefully drive through it. The attorney for the school district argued it was not a dangerous condition and that Mrs. Ramirez fell because of her own negligence.

The jury determined that the mud was a dangerous condition on public property, although Mrs. Ramirez was also 5% at fault. The jury gave a verdict of $250,000 to Mrs. Ramirez, which was paid in full.

In our premises liability cases, we will not blindly accept the government’s opinion that they were not at fault. If the facts are on our client’s side, we will take the case to trial and trust the jury’s wisdom. Before you hire an attorney for a premises liability case, make sure he or she is committed to taking your case to trial if settlement is not possible.