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Steps to Take After a Dog Bite

Steps to Take After a Dog Bite
A dog bite injury can be serious. Not only can they have physical consequences, but they can result in emotional scarring as well. You may end up with an infection if you don’t seek immediate treatment or develop a fear of dogs that can evolve into a full-on phobia. No matter what, there are certain steps you must always take after suffering a dog bite.

Get Medical Attention
If the dog bite has broken the skin, you should immediately seek medical attention. Even if you believe the dog that bit you has received vaccinations, you can still develop an infection if the teeth broke the skin and you are bleeding. You may also want to take some pictures of the bite as documentation of the damage.

Exchange Information with the Dog Owner
Just like with a car accident, it’s important to exchange information with the dog’s owner or caretaker. This is essential if your injuries are serious enough that you plan on filing a personal injury claim against the owner at some point. You will also have to contact the dog’s owner to confirm their pet has been vaccinated. Make sure to get the person’s name, phone number and address at the very least.

Speak with Witnesses
If you notice any witnesses around during the time you were bitten by the dog, you should immediately approach them and ask for their account of the incident and request their names and contact information. You may even want to have them write down what they saw in case they might forget later on.

Contact Animal Control
Contact the local animal control services to file a report of the incident. It can help your own personal injury case and also prevent dog bites in the future. Animal control will also conduct its own investigation, which can also help your case.

Gather Documentation
Make sure to document the incident revolving around the dog bite. In addition to the photos you take of the injury, you may also want to keep a journal that explains the effects the wound has had on you, including pain, inability to perform certain daily tasks, time missed from work and a decrease in mobility. You should also get a copy of medical records from your doctor or the hospital, especially if you file a personal injury claim.

Contact an Attorney
Finally, if you should get in touch with an experienced dog bite attorney to get advice on the best way you can proceed with a personal injury case. If you are in Southern California, having a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer on your side is mandatory. These types of cases can often be complex, which requires the skills of a knowledgeable attorney.

If you have been injured after getting bitten by a dog, contact a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to discuss your case. The best dog bite attorney Los Angeles has to offer will expertly represent you and help you every step of the way in your claim.