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Typical Things That Go Wrong in Train Accidents

Traveling by train tends to be safe. However, accidents do happen. A train accident does not have to involve a catastrophic collision in order to do you serious harm. If you have been injured on a train or in a train station, you may be able to claim compensation from the train operator. Contacting a Los Angeles train accident lawyer will help you sort out your options.

Metro/Rail Injury Attorneys

If you live in a highly congested urban area, using the city subway may be the most efficient and economical way of getting around the city. You may also be in the habit of traveling by rail when going to other cities. In either case, things can go wrong. Here are some of the train accidents and incidents that can cause you injury:

  1. Door crush

The doors used to seal train cars are powerful. They are opened and closed by pneumatic devices. The personnel operating the train must ensure that everyone is safely inside before they close these doors. If they fail to do so, it is possible for passengers to be crushed between closing doors.

  1. Falling in a train car

Trains and subways sometimes travel at very high speeds. However, train operators must always put passenger safety first. A sudden stop can cause people standing in the train car to fall to the floor. The injuries from such a fall can be serious.

  1. Violent assault

Train operators are responsible for the safety of their passengers. They should have cameras that monitor the inside of the train station and security personnel available to take immediate action against wrongdoers. They should also have a security presence on the train. This can prevent various forms of violent criminal activity.

How to Get Compensation
Most subways are operated by city governments. If you have been injured on a subway car or in a station, a Los Angeles train accident lawyer will tell you whether you can sue the government. Many city governments waive their right to sovereign immunity and allow themselves to be held legally liable for injury in city courts.

If the train operator is a commercial company, then your Los Angeles train accident attorney will help you negotiate a settlement offer with them. Your train accident lawyer will gather the evidence needed to demonstrate negligence on the part of the company. Your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will know how to put together the kind of case that will pressure the responsible party into offering a fair settlement.