Bicycle Safety


Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of bikes on the roads. There are several reasons as to why some people prefer using bicycles for transportation. For instance, there are people who ride to keep in shape, for fun, environmental sustainability, and more. Regardless of the reason, bike safety is vital for all bikers.

According to NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts, 818 bikers lost their lives in 2015 from bicycle/car crashes. In 2012, California reported one of the highest numbers of bike accidents. The national cost of injury and death from biking accidents is over $4 billion every year. If you have been injured in a bike accident, it is imperative that you consult with a bike accident lawyer Los Angeles. Additionally, observe and know bike rules to avoid accidents.

Bike Safety Rules on the Road

  • Bikes are expected to go in the same direction as the flow of traffic. Bikers below the age of 12 are allowed to ride on the sidewalks. The general rule is that bikes are treated using the same rules as cars and trucks.
  • Bikes are also supposed to stop at red lights and any other stop sign. Bikers must obey all traffic signs that apply to cars.
  • Certain areas have marked bike paths, and bikers should follow these lanes.
  • Exercise more caution when travelling with children on a bike. In states like New York, children under the age of 1 year should not be carried on bikes. These laws differ, and this is why you need to engage with a bicycle accident lawyer. Most state laws stipulate that bikers must use child carriers when riding with children. Additionally, all children must wear helmets.
  • In most states, biking on expressways, interstate routes and highways is illegal.

If you are unsure about the laws that apply in your area, it is best to seek advice from a bicycle accident lawyer Los Angeles. The same applies to people who have suffered injuries from bike accidents. A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Safety Tips When Preparing For A Bike Ride
It is imperative that you check certain safety items when going on a bike ride. This is especially important if you are going for long bike rides. The following safety tips will help keep you safe and reduce the potential for accidents.

Check The Lights and Reflectors
You should always check your lights and reflectors even when going for short rides. Check that they are in good working order. Your bike lights can go dim at any moment, and reflectors also tend to fade. This is why you need to replace reflector tapes and batteries on a regular basis.

Check the Bike Chain
Lose bike chains can lead to injuries and accidents. Check them before riding and ensure that they fit right.

Adjust the Handlebars and Seat
Handlebars and bike seats tend to lose grip over time. This happens even if you are the only one riding the bike. Check that they fit right before going for a ride.

Check the Helmet and Safety Equipment
Your helmet and other safety equipment, such as elbow pads and knee pads must always be in good condition. Cracks on your helmet can make it lose, and this should be fixed or replaced. The knee pad and elbow pads also get loose with time, and they should be replaced with new ones.

Refresh your Knowledge on Hand Signals
Over time, it is possible to forget some of the hand signals, especially if you have not ridden your bike for some time. Refreshing your knowledge and memory on a regular basis can help you stay safe.

Preparation Does Not Mean that Accidents Will Not Happen
The reality is that you cannot control the actions of every driver, passenger and biker out there. While it is essential to take precautionary measures, accidents still happen. When they happen, it is wise to talk to a bike accident lawyer Los Angeles. The bicycle accident lawyer will assess the merits of your case and determine liability. Bike accidents often involve more than one party. In some cases, the liability is shared. A bicycle accident lawyer Los Angeles will investigate and get to the bottom of the case.

Bike accidents can cause multiple fractures and head traumas. These injuries have far-reaching implications. You may need regular medical attention, and this has huge cost implications. It is in your best interest to retain a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will fight to ensure that you get the compensation that is commensurate with your injuries. These lawyers also have excellent negotiation skills that are crucial when dealing with insurance companies.