Cognitive Problems Associated with TBIs

Many people would like to think of themselves as a safe and careful person. You make it your duty to know what is going on around you and to steer clear of hazardous situations. Unfortunately, not everyone has this attitude. Reckless and negligent people endanger the public, and you may be put in a situation in which your conscientiousness cannot help you. If you have been in an accident that has caused you serious injuries, you must take legal action.

Traumatic Brain Injuries
A traumatic brain injury is one of the worst kinds of injuries you can sustain as the result of an accident. In some instances, TBI leads to life-long difficulties that require you to seek constant care and medical supervision.

In addition, most brain injuries involve cognitive problems. Here are some that you may experience:

  1. Attention and concentration
    Your brain damage may make it harder for you to focus. You may be easily distracted by the activity around you and find yourself unable to sit still and give due attention to important tasks.
  2. Processing and understanding information
    Your injury will make it difficult for you to grasp the words, ideas, and arguments of others. Specifically, you will struggle to understand and follow directions, have trouble following films and television shows, take longer to read books, magazines, and newspaper articles, and be slower to react to emergency situations. Indeed, traumatic brain injury may make it impossible for you to drive at night or in inclement weather.
  3. Memory
    You may have trouble remembering events and conversations. Although most people who have suffered a TBI can remember events long past, many of them have difficulty recalling things that happened just before the injury.
  4. Communication
    You may have trouble articulating complete thoughts. TBI can do real damage to your intellectual capacities. You may struggle to find the right words to express your thought. You may develop a tendency to ramble and speak incoherently. Your ability to forge thought and expression in a way that is clear, direct, and logical may be severely degraded.
  5. Planning, organizing, and assembling
    The ability to plan and organize even routine tasks will become difficult.
  6. Reasoning, problem-solving, decision-making, and judgment
    You will find it hard to analyze information and to be flexible in your way of thinking. You will also find it unusually difficult to decide on the best solution—even for rather straightforward problems—and it will be harder for you to think through the consequences of your actions.
  7. Controlling impulses and desires and being patient
    As someone with a brain injury, you will experience a lack of self-control and self-awareness. You may find yourself saying hurtful or insensitive things, acting out of character, or behaving in inconsiderate ways.

Why You Need a Lawyer
If you have been injured in an accident that has left you with TBI, you should hire a brain injury lawyer Los Angeles right away. If the party responsible for your injury offers you a settlement, you should not agree to it until your lawyer has reviewed it. The initial settlement offer may be much too low to compensate you for what you have suffered and pay for the treatment and care you will need.

An experienced brain injury lawyer Los Angeles will have handled enough cases like yours to know the dollar amount you should receive. If you do not get fair and adequate compensation, your brain injury attorney Los Angeles can help you file a lawsuit against the party responsible for your accident and injury.

What a Brain Injury Attorney Los Angeles Will Do
If you are forced to sue, your lawyer will conduct an in-depth investigation into the circumstances that led to the accident. They will uncover facts and evidence that the initial police or insurance investigation may have missed. This can be used to reinforce the culpability of the person or company you are suing.

Your TBI lawyer in Los Angeles will also gather hospital records and statements from a range of experts on your condition. It is important for the court and a potential jury to understand the deleterious effect that your traumatic brain injury has had on your life. The money it has cost you to undergo treatment, the pain and suffering you have had to endure, the modifications you have had to make to your home, and the loss of income you have sustained will all be used to justify the dollar amount you are asking for.

The immediate aim of your TBI lawyer in Los Angeles will be to get the respondent to offer a higher compensation package. Your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer may be able to produce the kind of case that will convince them to be fair and reasonable in what they give.

If you have suffered traumatic brain injury in an accident that owes to the negligence or recklessness of another, you need legal representation. A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can help.