How to Prevent Gas Explosions and Electrical Fires

Unfortunately, gas explosions and electrical fires can be extremely disastrous. The worst part is knowing that these types of disasters could have been prevented. Many injuries and deaths result from gas explosions and electrical fires each year. Everyone should remain extra vigilant in order to prevent any potential hazards, whether it is in your home, work, or other buildings.

How to Prevent Electrical Fires
Although electricity has improved our lives exponentially, there are still an abundance of potential hazards that it may cause. Inattention to safety precautions can lead to devastating results and electrical fires can quickly destroy properties, as well as severely injure or kill residents.

In order for one to prevent electrical fires, it is essential to make sure that any electrical equipment is well-kept and out of reach of anything that can trigger an electrical fire.

Below, you will find a list of ways to make your home, work, or building less vulnerable to electrical fires.

Extension cords: Make sure not to place extension cords under certain areas, such as rugs, carpets, or high-traffic areas. In addition, never overload extension cords. You should always keep an eye on extension cords every now and then for damaged or frayed pieces.

Fuse boxes and electrical panels: If your fuse box or electric panel becomes very hot, makes abnormal noises or releases a certain odor, you should contact an electrician immediately. You should never try to handle it without a licensed electrician if your fuse box or electric panel is experiencing any of these issues.

Wiring: You should always inspect wiring if it is worn and replace it when necessary.
Outlets: If there are young children in the household, office, or what have you, you should use outlet protectors. You should never overload an outlet. Additionally, if your outlet becomes hot, then you need to contact a licensed electrician.

Appliances: If an appliance has fallen into water, make sure to unplug it if it is safe to do so. Always be weary of wet floors or surfaces, such as countertops. If an appliance’s cord is worn or releases sparks or smoke, you must replace or repair the appliance.

Lighting: Never overload outlets with lamp cord and always use lampshades for lamps in case they fall.

Heaters: Space heaters often result in fires and are a huge hazard. If you have a space heater, make sure that you provide a sufficient amount of space (at least three feet between heaters and other items). If they are not being used, be sure to unplug them.

How to Prevent Gas Explosions
Gas explosions can be caused by stoves, ovens, clothes dryers, and heating or cooling equipment. Gas appliances can easily explode if they are not inspected. If you smell smoke natural gas in your home or building, do not use any electricity that can cause a spark. You should leave the building and contact your local utility company or emergency services and report a gas leak. Never enter the building unless the gas companies say it is safe to do so.

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