What Happens if Your Insurance Claim is Denied?

Car accidents can cause huge repercussions, leaving victims with serious injuries, struggling to get back to work, property damage bills, medical bills, and much more. Unfortunately, victims are left with so much on their plate and the last thing that they need to hear is that their insurance claim has been denied. Having your insurance claim denied can be extremely frustrating and stressful; however, victims should know that this isn’t the end result, as there are other options out there that can help.

At Mann & Elias, we specialize in all types of personal injury cases, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and much more. In fact, our team know exactly how insurance companies work, which is why it is our speciality to fight against them to get victims the compensation they need.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident and the insurance company denied your claim, you have the option to contact a Los Angeles insurance lawyer to get the help that you need and deserve.

How an Auto Insurance Attorney Los Angeles Can Help if Your Claim Was Denied
If your claim was denied by an insurance company, don’t worry–it’s not the end of the world. By contacting one of our skilled insurance lawyers, we will do the following to fight against the insurance company:

Verify the insurance company’s work. There is always the chance of the insurance company making a mistake and the simplest mistake can cause a huge problem for victims. For instance, some adjusters will deny a claim because they believe that you are not listed on the insurance policy; however, your attorney can simply double-check the policy to make sure that your name is listed. Additionally, if the adjuster claims that you missed a payment, your lawyer will do whatever it takes to prove that you paid the last statement.

Gather additional evidence. Insurance claim denials can be difficult to dispute on your own, which is why it takes a skilled Los Angeles insurance lawyer to dispute it by finding evidence. For example, if an insurance company denies your claim because they believe you were not as badly injured as you were, your attorney will be able to show proof of your medical records to dispute the denial.

Appeal the insurance company’s denial. An experienced attorney will be able to dispute the denial by gathering evidence to show at any hearings or court dates.

Why Do Insurance Claims Get Denied?
Here are the most common reasons as to why insurance claims are denied:

Dispute over the accident. The insurance company will try to claim that their policyholder was not at fault for the accident or that the accident didn’t cause the injuries that you say it did.

A policy exclusion pertains to the case. Insurance policies include a list of exclusions of things that may not be covered by the policy.

The payments are not up to date. If an insurance policy was lapsed, which means that the payments were not up to date when the accident took place, then the insurance company may deny the claim.

The person or vehicle is not listed on the insurance policy. If you were not a “name insured” on the policy or if the vehicle that was involved in the accident was not listed on the policy, then the insurance company may deny the claim.

The accident exceeds coverage limits. Insurance policies only cover a certain amount of losses that come out to be a certain amount of money. If the claim exceeds the amount, then it will not be paid by them unless another type of coverage applies to the case.

The insurance company was not made aware of the accident. It is the policyholder’s responsibility to notify the insurance company of the accident within a certain period of time. If the insurance company was not notified during the specific time period that was listed in the policy, then they may deny the claim.

If any of these reasons apply to your case, you need to get in contact with an insurance lawyer as soon as possible. Our team will get you the help you need for your personal injury insurance claim Los Angeles.

Contact an Insurance Claim Attorney Today
If you or a loved one was injured in an accident and the insurance company is denying your claim, get in contact with a skilled Los Angeles personal injury attorney today to get the legal help you need.