Types of Product Liability Claims

Defective Products

Product liability is a law that holds manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers accountable for faulty products that have caused an injury or death to a consumer. There are three types of defects that can occur, such as manufacturing defects, design defects, and marketing defects.

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Manufacturing Defects
Manufacturing defects apply to how an item was made. A manufacturing defect can occur from an error on the assembly line at the factory, which resulted in a certain product being different from the other products in its line. For example, an example of a manufacturing defect would be a car accident caused by faulty brakes that had caused them to malfunction.

Design Defects
When a design defect occurs, this means that an entire line of products had a problem that resulted in them to be reasonably dangerous. This means that instead of someone making an error in the manufacturing process, the people who created the blueprint or specifications for how the product should be made failed to be responsible in doing so. As a result, the party who created the blueprint is responsible for not addressing the foreseeable risks. An example of a design defect would be an SUV that is susceptible to rolling over due to a design defect or medical equipment inside a patient’s body that caused injuries due to a piece being displaced.

Marketing Defects
A marketing defect means that the manufacturer failed to provide adequate instructions on how to use a product or failed to warn a consumer about the risks associated with the product. However, keep in mind that manufacturers are not responsible for failing to warn about obvious risks, such as that a knife is sharp. Most times, this rule applies to household products that contain dangerous chemicals or pharmaceuticals that do not list the side effects of a particular drug. In order for a victim to have a product liability claim, he or she would need to have suffered injuries due to the risk that was not disclosed. In addition, the product must have been used in a way that was intended or reasonably foreseeable.

Breach of Warranty
When a product comes with a written warranty and the manufacturer does not live up to the terms of the warranty, then the victim may have the right to file a claim based on the breach of warranty. For instance, many times, people can find a warranty on labels or the packaging, in the manual, or other parts of the product.

Contact a Los Angeles Product Liability Attorney
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